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Your business deserves trusted and committed advisors. We have experience working with startups, corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organisations, foundations, and academic institutions.

We Create Lasting Change For Our Clients



We do what we say we will do, and we do it the right way.



The outputs we deliver are future oriented.



We tailor our approach to your specific business needs.

Our Goals

by Many

Give client companies the confidence and support they need to step beyond business obstacles and achieve their biggest dreams.

We are committed to be the trusted advisors for companies that are facing difficult business challenges and need sound guidance in making critical decisions impacting their organisations and clients.  


Our History

Inga Barkauskaite,

Founder and CEO

Inga's +20 years of experience runs a wide spectrum, from being entrepreneur, to working with some of the world's leading Fortune 500 companies, to working in the government sectors. Inga applies a unique combination of expertise and experiences that include various business and tax planning experience, technology, economics, digital marketing, leadership training and a diverse educational background. You can read more about Inga by visiting her personal website at ingabarkauskaite.com.

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We recognise that our continued success lies in the hands of our team. We are always looking for new talents to work with us.

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